Stress and aging show up in lots of small ways — frown lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, and more.

We can erase these signs of aging with neuromodulators. With minimal discomfort and no downtime, you’ll see smoother skin and fewer fine lines in as little as a few days.


How It Works

In this case, the neuromodulator is injected into your muscle, relaxing it so that the skin above it becomes smoother. It also paralyzes the muscle so that it can’t flex as easily, leaving your skin smoother, longer. The effect lasts for three to six months.


Three Options to Choose From

We offer three different brands of FDA-approved neuromodulator. In our consultation, we’ll decide on a neuromodulator based on your needs, the area you wish to treat, and any health concerns you have. Each option uses the same active ingredient, but they use different formulations and match some people’s needs more than others.


This was the first of this kind of neuromodulator on the market, so it has been approved for use by the FDA longer than the others and is the most recognized brand name.


Its smaller molecule size results in quicker spreading throughout the treatment area, so it is ideal for the forehead and crow’s feet.


This product has only one ingredient, so it minimizes the likelihood of an adverse reaction to a non-active ingredient.