Vivaer® is a procedure done in office that helps alleviate Nasal Airway Obstruciton (NOA).

Nasal breathing is a very important function of human life and any obstruction in the nasal airway also known as a congested or blocked nose, can dramatically impact the quality of life.
Nasal Airway Obstruction (NOA) can lead to the following symptoms:

  • Chronic nasal congestion, or stuffiness
  • Persistent nasal blockage or obstruction
  • Difficulty breathing through nose
  • Difficulty sleeping, snoring, and fatigue
  • Inability to get enough air during physical activities

The Vivaer® treatment is performed in either the Libertyville IL or APEX Hearing Center offices and does not require any incisions. The inside of your nose is gently reshaped using low-temperature radio frequency energy with lasting results, without affecting the outward appearance of your nose.