Speech Pathology

Sarah is a licensed speech-language pathologist working in the Chicagoland area. She received her undergraduate degree from Western Michigan University before going on to Michigan State University to obtain her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology in 2017.

Before joining Apex she served as the SLP in-home care, acute care, rehabilitation, and public school settings. She brings a vast understanding of her field across demographics.

When she isn’t working as a therapist she can be found riding horses, working out, or spending time out in Chicago.

Sarah Shapiro, MA CCC-SLP

Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech and Swallow Disorders Are Stressful Enough

At Apex, our comprehensive approach provides a full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment services for your patients. As part of our scope, we administer voice and dysphagia solutions in a modern outpatient setting.

In their lifetime 9% of the global population and 22% of people over 50 will experience a voice or swallow disorder. At Apex, we utilize innovative and state-of-the-art technological methods to identify and treat speech and swallowing disorders. All of our procedures are provided in a comfortable, stress-free outpatient environment.

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Who Is Appropriate?

Common complaints that warrant a voice or swallow evaluation:




Throat Pain

Choking Sensation

Chronic Cough

History of Pneumonia

Eating/Drinking Discomfort

Vocal Fold Paralysis

Weak Voice

Progressive Neurological Disease

Suspected Hiatal Hernia

“Sticking” Sensation in Throat/Chest

x-ray of a person's head and neck

Diagnostic Services Provided

92611 Fluoroscopic Swallow Evaluation

92511 Nasopharyngoscopy with endoscope

92612 Endoscoptic Evaluation of Swallow

92614 Endoscopic Laryngeal Sensory Testing

31579 Stroboscopy

31575 Laryngoscopy

92520 Acoustic and Aerodynamic Voice Assessment

92524 Voice and Resonance Evaluation

92610 Clinic Swallow Evaluation

92526 Swallow Therapy

92704 Voice Therapy