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Apex ENT was created in 1999 as an office-based, minimally invasive surgical practice led by board-certified ENT surgeons. Under Dr. Mishail Shapiro’s leadership, the practice has become a center of innovation and excellence in patient care for office-based surgical procedures that treat sinus infections, facial pain, and problems with nasal breathing. Apex ENT is also a leader in treating patients who suffer from snoring and sleep-related disorders.

Innovative techniques such as a Balloon Sinuplasty, an advanced procedure for improving sinus drainage and ventilation, are now available at Apex ENT’ offices. Dr. Shapiro knows that enabling patients to have these advanced treatments in an office setting allows for significant savings due to the reduced recovery time and elimination of hospital facility costs. For appropriate candidates, various cosmetic procedures (such as a rhinoplasty) may be performed in the office as well.

For patients experiencing hearing loss, we provide hearing aid evaluations and fittings. We offer top brand hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, assistive listening devices, custom swim molds, and custom noise protection.

With a 15- year history of excellence in patient care, the doctors and staff enjoy a winning reputation and the highest patient satisfaction. We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations by educating them on their specific medical conditions and concerns. We are dedicated to providing all our patients with high-quality healthcare in a safe, affordable and patient-friendly atmosphere.

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Balloon Sinuplasty Treatment

Say goodbye to chronic sinusitis with this minimally-invasive procedure performed in-office by our board-certified ENT.

Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty

  • Improved Breathing
  • Reduces the number of infections
  • Reduces Sinus headaches & sinus triggered migraines
  • Improves some forms of snoring
  • Office Procedure, no hospital visit required

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