A joy of life
with every
single breath!

Helping people live better since 1999

A joy of life
with every
single breath!

Helping people live better since 1999

Look Better
Breathe Better
Hear Better


Helping people live better since 1999

Advanced Professional EXpertise


Under Dr. Mishail Shapiro’s leadership for 20 years, the Apex ENT has become a center of innovation and excellence in Cosmetic, ENT, and Hearing patient care. We believe in establishing a partnership with our patients. Your specific restorative needs and concerns are fully addressed during the consultation and treatment. Our emphasis is on communication, respect, and providing an affordable first-rate patient experience.


Please call (847) 472-0315 or schedule an appointment to Look Better, Breathe Better or Hear Better.

Mishail A. Shapiro, D.O., FOCOO-HNS

Otorhinolaryngologist | President of Apex Rhinology & Cosmetic Surgery Center | President of Medical Arts Unlimited, Corporation

Dr. Mishail Shapiro has 20 years of practice experience, focusing on adult rhinology and facial esthetics.

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Kristin Dobry, FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

Kristin serves as our nurse practitioner specializing in ENT, hormone therapy, and cosmetic nursing. She completed her undergraduate from Illinois State University and obtained her Master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner at Olivet Nazarene University.

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Apex Rhinology and Cosmetic Surgery Center was created with an idea that the true joy of life is rooted in simple pleasures of day-to-day existence. To take a breath through your nose without feeling congested or to have a good night sleep and to wake up rested are simple but essential elements of our life. Chronic nasal congestion is a known underlying factor in depression, sleep apnea and faster aging. Nasal congestion and children leads to facial abnormalities and developmental delays. The newest research suggests that chronic nasal congestion is extremely detrimental in all aspects of life.

At Apex Rhinology and Cosmetic surgery Center we specialize in treatment of nasal congestion by using a multi-modal approach which includes both medical and surgical treatments. With 20 years of practice we have thousands of patients like you and would like to help you to live a happier healthier life.


“Excellent, really professional service. I’m just sorry that I did not hear about this doctor earlier. Thank you, Dr. M. Shapiro!”

-Charlotte F.


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We use our skills to let patients' natural beauty show.

Cosmetic Surgery

Our ENT provides allergy testing, allergy shots, and customized treatment based on your individual needs.


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